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Tyre Juice 100ml

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Tyre Juice 100ml

Tyre Juice is an unstoppable solution that allows for speedy puncture repair while you continue cycling.

The hybrid composition remains liquid inside the bicycle tyre to instantly thicken and form a flexible and permanent plug.

Tyre Juice adds to a momentous ride by increasing your traction, comfort and control while rolling your rotating mass.
Working with tubeless conversion tape or strips, Tyre Juice replaces inner tubes and provides a cost effective result to hassle-free cycling.
Tyre Juice is suitable for standard foldable and wire bead tyres.


Tyre Juice rolls with most tubeless rims. Even though it is compatible with tubeless tyres, you will be glad to hear the best rim & tyre combination to use is tubeless rim with a classic tyre. Just remove the inner tube and replace with Tyre Juice to save weight on your tyres for a smoother and faster ride while you save money on this rather inexpensive tyre option.
If you want absolute reliability and NO punctures, choose a tubeless rim with a tubeless tyre and no inner tube, improving the wheel and the traction.

•  Tyres with metallic wire bead The bead of clincher tyres must be made of a material that will stretch very little to prevent the tyre from expanding off of the rim under internal air pressure. Though they cannot be folded, they can at least be twisted into three smaller hoops.
•  Tubeless tyres Tubeless tyres do not require a separate inner tube, tubeless tyres have continuous ribs moulded integrally into the bead of the tyre so that they are forced by the pressure of the air inside the tyre to seal with the flanges of the metal rim of the wheel.

Secure Your Rim and Tyre Combination Inflate your tyre to its maximum tyre pressure, as per tyre manufacturer’s specifications and leave overnight. If it does not blow off the rim, this will be a great combination for Tyre Juice.

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Tyre Juice




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