About Us

Our History

We have been rocking the cycling world since 2009, constantly working to ensure that we stock the newest, the best, and the most tested brands out there. As the premier cycling importer and distributer for Sub-Saharan Africa, we can say that we love the sport we serve, and that Ballistic Bike Trading is proud to note that we have sponsored most of South Africa’s top professional riders, from Ian Mc Leod to Yolandi Du Toit.

When we started back in twenty-o-nine, we had a simple vision – to bring world class cycling gear and customer service to South Africa. We import premium gear, we ride what we stock, and we honor all product warranties.

Our Commitment

As the suppliers of the premium bike stores in and around South Africa, we have a good relationship with many bike gear companies and a personal drive to be the best – we keep the rubber side down, always striving to improve our game.

To honour the sport we serve, we have sponsored, among other professional riders, Ian Mc Leod, Brandon Stewart, Max Knox, Manne Heymans, Jock Green, Christoph Sauzer, Burry Stander, Phillip Buys, Yolandi Du Toit, Ben Melt Swanepoel. We are investing in them because they are pushing our sport forward, and represent our country. Being close to the action also allows us to ensure that we continue to have that insider knowledge of what the great riders are doing, and that helps us to serve you better. We are among the first to know when the professional riders start using new innovative gear.

Quality Guaranteed

Ballistic Bike Trading, Bringing You The Best Gear In The World - Helping You Keep The Rubber Side Down.

We are very particular about the gear we stock, and are not satisfied with anything but the highest quality standards. We travel to international bike expos to stay on top of the game. Providing you with premium brands and honest quality service is not the sum total of our vision. We also help you discover the newest and the best products on the market, by going out of our way to search out and test them ourselves.