Our Brands

Halo Headband

Halo is an entire company dedicated to keeping sweat out of your eyes. The irritation and visual disturbance produced by sweat dripping into one’s eyes pushed the American founders of Halo to design a headband that used innovative technology to channel sweat away from the face. Today Halo has an international presence and has multiple technologies that all keep sweat out of athletes’ eyes.

Bioracer Wear

A Belgian company that has been manufacturing cycling clothing for more than 22 years. By keeping the simple yet ambitious goal of making “the best cycling clothing on the market” before their eyes, Bioracer has become the partner of 5 national teams. Together they now have a combined medal count exceeding 550 medals. Bioracer has supplied clothing to 22 Olympic gold medalists. Bioracer – making you faster.

eSI Grips

ESI, based in California, has been creating grips for the cycling industry since 1999. Their silicone grips revolutionized the industry – bringing superior comfort and incredible durability to the grip industry through the shock absorption qualities and all-around toughness of aerospace grade silicone. Today the company has expanded its original range of MTB grips to accommodate many other riding styles.

Tyre Juice

To give your tyres the ultimate puncture resistance, Tyre Juice has formulated a hybrid composition that remains liquid within the tyre but instantly thickens once a puncture forms – creating a flexible and permanent plug in the damaged area. Tyre Juice can also be used to enable the use of normal tyres with tubeless rims. In this case Tyre Juice replaces the tube to give you a lighter yet puncture resistant wheel. Click here for options


Founded in 1992, Sumart has constantly been operating in the cycling tools industry, always pushing forward with the belief that the current tools can be improved. To innovate, Sumart looks outside the world of cycling to discover the latest engineering and manufacturing technologies available and then marries this knowledge with their deep understanding of the cycling tool industry to make something better – always.

Mud buster

This range of bike cleaning and maintenance products brings a professional twist to your bike cleanup routine. Mud Buster knows what it takes to give your bike a complete wash – they provide a professional bike washing service at many of the largest mountain bike races. This includes a chain de-grease, a foam wash and a re-lubrication. Their professional products are perfect for your high-quality home wash routine.

Cratoni Glasses

Wind, rain, insects, sun. These influences can quickly spoil the fun of cycling without the right eye protection. We have developed a varied collection of sports glasses for you so this does not happen to you. They range basic cycling glasses for beginners to fashion sports glasses and high performance road bike sunglasses. And we also have the right cycling glasses for ambitious juniors – they look great, fit perfectly and of course offer first- class protection for the eyes.

Sports glasses not only have larger lenses (the entire eye area is protected) but also special coatings. On the one hand, they ensure that your glasses don’t fog up – no matter how much the temperatures fluctuate. This is also known as the anti-fog effect – a feature you can rely on with every pair of CRATONI sports glasses.

On the other hand, water rolls off much better – so raindrops and sweat don’t stand a chance when you’re cycling in the city, country or mountains.

Mars One

Mars One has been operational since 1986. They provide high strength, low friction cable housing systems to, among others, the motorcycle, cycling and agricultural industries. Mars One strives to provide customers with quality products that fulfill all the customer’s requirements – as such they continuously innovate to produce cables that are suppler, and housing systems that produce less friction, than anything else on the market.

Bike Medicine

With the increasing cost of bikes, it makes sense to keep them running correctly for longer. Plus, increasing numbers of riders keep their bikes inside of the house. Having a bike that stays very clean longer is simply better housekeeping. Nobody enjoys having greasy soiled hands from simply using their bike. There is no appeal to filth. Bike Medicine considers to be an essential part of our cycling hygiene approach to products. Having a dirty, sticky drivetrain is just another type of pollution caused by inappropriate products being sold into the bike industry. Bike drivetrains are an open gear mechanism. They are continually exposed to the environment. Why not use a lubricant that does not allow the filth to stick or build up?