About us

Wipe out is a non-alcohol disinfecting product brand in the P & P stable.

For 27 years CC’s mission has been to provide it’s clients with essential products by manufacturing pre-made food, juice, bakery items, disposable plastic cutlery & glasses, individually refresher towels, portion control beverage and cutlery packs, individually packed condiments (salt, pepper, tomato sauce, vinegar, greek salad dressing, coffee, creamer, sugar, sweetener).


  1. sanitizing & disinfecting individual wipes
  2. bucket wipes
  3. liquid sachets
  4. bulk derivatives

Supply industries

  1. healthcare sector
  2. food production facilities
  3. industrial caterers
  4. tertiary institutions
  5. airlines
  6. hotels
  7. mines
  8. wholesalers & distributors
  9. fitness centers
  10. All commercial applications

Packed with Pride is a South African company and a Level 2 BEE contributor