Our Goal:

To run the Premiere cycling import and export distribution company in South Africa and growing this into Sub Saharan Africa

What makes Ballistic Bike Trading PREMIER.

    • We have a passion to succeed, in every aspect of our business.
    • We delivering exceptional service to our clients, partners and brand users
    • Our passion leads us to actively create Brand awareness and eat, sleep, breathe our Brands
    • Our loyalty and support to the sport which our clients participate
    • We actively Invest in our people and our brands
    • We are passionate about supporting charitable endeavours that use our sport to raize awareness or funding
    • BBT continually supports professional riders, teams and junior talent development
    • BBT only stock quality brands and have a reliable supply chain to support our partners
    • Our focus is taking the long term view, learning from our mistakes

Our motto is simple: “Keep the rubber side down”

It is a nice play on words that links to cycling and describes the work ethic of the owners and staff. It keeps upright, with forward momentum.

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