Bryton GPS points – get rewarded for your interaction

We have integrated a points system to the way this website works – rewarding you for your input. It has never been easier to learn, share and get rewarded….

Let’s face it – it takes time to respond as a community to questions , time to make meaningful posts on a forum and time to invite your friends to do the same.

There should be some form of loyalty contribution in doing so.

This is how it works:-

Every time you perform a certain operation on forum you will get rewarded  – once you have enough points you will be able to redeem such for FREEBIES!!


There are no time frames in place to accumulate points (other than every year your points will be reset)

Should you be inactive for a period of 60 days – your points will be forfeited.

The Prizes

5000 points – Honor Medal (Status)

10000 points – Bryton Rider 30T bundled GPS

150000 points – Bryton Cardio 30T Bundled GPS

30000 points – Bryton Rider 50T Bundled GPS

Extra point options will be added from time to time

How to track points

In the Forum there is a menu bar with the “My Points” – this will take you to your default points page with a sub menu on the left hand side.

Here you can invite friends etc…

All the best from the Bryton Team – and again THANK YOU for your participation in our forum.

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